Professional Massage & Body Care

Professional Massage & Body Care Professional Massage & Body Care
Places: 1
Duration: From 1 to 4 hours

It’s a transformative experience that takes you to a state of deep relaxation, connecting you with your body as you feel your muscles relax and release accumulated tension, while your mind quiets down and you immerse yourself in a sensation of well-being and fulfillment.

The gentle and fluid movements encompass the entire body, allowing for a complete integration of the sensory experience.

It is recommended for individuals seeking deep relaxation and invites you to step out of your daily routine to feel renewed from head to toe.


Body Massage
Deep Tissue/ Sport Massage 60min – 150€
Calma Massage (Relax) 60min – 140€
Traditional Thai 60min – 140€
Foot Massage / Reflexology 60min – 130€
Lomi Lomi / Californian Massage 60min – 140€
Ritual Calma Holistic (Crystals & Sound Bath) 60min – 150€

TCS (Cranium Sacral Therapy) 60min – 140€
Osteopathy / Physiotherapy 60min – 170€
Neurofascial Release 60min – 140€
Cupping Therapy 60min – 140€

Corporal Treatments
Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage (Reductive – Mould) 60min – 150€
Wood Therapy 60min – 150€
Detox Scrub Massage 60min – 160€

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