Special BBQ Menu

Chef: Included
Food: Included
Gluten free option: Available
Vegan option: Available
Vegetarian option: Available
Cuisine: Italian, Japanese, Local, Mediterranean, Paella, Seafood & Fish, Tapas
Languages: English, French, Spanish

In case of cancellation of the reservation 3 weeks before your arrival, the first 50% deposit will not be refunded as cancellation fees.

SALADS (Choose 3):
Salad with melon and Iberian ham
Niçoise salad with red tuna
Burrata and tomato salad
Salad with cod, grenadines, black and orange olives
Chicken Caesar Salad
Quinoa tabouleh
Arugula, bresaola and parmesan salad

Veal: Entrain, ribs, 100% beef hamburger, entrecôtes or picaña
Pork: Pancetta, ribs, ribs, Iberian secret
Classics: Lamb ribs (x3), chicken breast marinated with basil and lemon, onion blood sausage, botifarra (Ibizan sausage), Creole chorizos (Argentine sausage)
From the sea: Steak of red tuna, salmon, sardines, prawn skewers, sea bream, mussels or sea bass fillet

Roasted potatoes with garlic and parsley butter, halloumi, green asparagus, whole sweet corn, white mushrooms, tomatoes with oregano, peppers, zucchini, eggplants or mini artichokes

– Served with bread, chimichurry and tartare sauce, lemons

DESSERT (Choose 1)
Assortment of ice creams and sorbets (3 flavors)
Cut seasonal fruits

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