Tullio Abbate 33

Tullio Abbate 33 Tullio Abbate 33 Tullio Abbate 33 Tullio Abbate 33
Places: 10
Boat Class: Motorboats
Duration: 8 hours full day charter
Onboard Capacity: 10+1
Skipper: Not included
Cabins: 1
Boat type: Motor
Manufacturer: Tullio Abate
Model: 33
Engine power: 400 cv
Length: 10.00 m
Bathrooms: 1
Port: Marina Ibiza
Amenities: Aft sundeck, Bimini, Bow sundeck, Electric toilet

To confirm a booking, the client has to make an initial payment of 50%. The remaining amount of the ship, the professional skipper and base fuel for a normal route (2h total navigatioń) must be liquidated before departure.

In the unlikely event of cancellation by client, we will be refunded only the 50% (payment confirmation) 15 days before the departure, excluding fee services. In the event that the cancellation takes place less than 15 days, the client loses the 50% reservation.

If we consider that weather conditions may affect navigation safety, they may postpone the charter to another date, depending on the vessel’s availability or reimburse the entire charter fee, as the client decides.

Boat and occupant insurance. Towels. Sun Cream. Snacks. Complimentary drinks and ice. Snorkel equipment.

VAT 21%
Patron (180€ + 21%IVA). Combustible ( 60 litros/hora).
Fuel ( 60 litres/hour). * A normal day of sailing to Formentera 2 hours 120 L/DAY

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